The 12RT is a strong, robust, low ground pressure tracked carrier with high payload for unusual applications: spacious cab, fuel efficient power train, rugged undercarriage and rubber track.


A solid support mechanism durable and reliable

The frame design features a large box section and wide, stiff frame beams to handle torque loads, decrease stress and optimize suspension geometry. The frame is 100% powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance.


Versatility in application you have the choice

A strong solid chassis accommodates your tool of choice. Whether it’s hauling peat, pipeline maintenance or side dumping a load at the levy, the 12 RT is easily up to the task.


A light footprint sensitive for the environment

The rubber tracks provide maximum traction and floatation in soft, muddy terrain maximizing efficiency. Wet soils, steep slopes, side hills, sensitive subsoils, undeveloped land are all places the 12RT excels.


Maximum mobility, stability high load-carrying capacity

Hydrostatic transmission with independent track control lets you maneuver in tight corners or turn in place. Dual lift cylinders provide maximum leverage and lateral stability on uneven ground. Payload up to 22,000 lbs.


Strong dump body

The 12 RT dump body has a large target area to provide consistent high load-carrying capacity up to 22,000 lbs. Low ground pressure ensures minimal impact when traveling across soft terrain.