Transport miracle: High payloads and large loading volumes enable the transport of up to 11.5 tons of soil, bulk material or other material!

No limitations: Thanks to its off-road driving potential, PowerBully masters uneven terrain, mud, swamps and obstacles with ease.

Safely and comfortable: Large windows combined with a 360° camera system and premium LED lighting provide the operator with optimal visibility. The cab suspension and large wheels provide a smooth ride through rough terrain.

  • Payload: 11,500 kg / 25,400 lbs
  • Capacity ISO 6483 heaped: 6.4 m³ / 8.4yd³
  • Power output @ 2,000 rpm: 209 kW / 285 hp

Powerbully knows no limitations

PowerBully masters uneven terrain, mud, swamps and obstacles with ease.

Low impact: Due to the large ground contact of our rubber tracks, the PowerBully is your low ground pressure (PSI) track carrier that does not disturb the terrain you are working within.

Master of gradeability: With a climbing ability of 60% uphill/downhill and 40% sideways,PowerBully reliably and safely works even on steep slopes

Gets you through: With a fording depth of 1,400 mm (51.2′′) PowerBully masters flooded areas or swamps effortlessly.

Power becomes efficiency

Engine: A powerful 6-cylinder Cummins engine empowers the vehicles for off-road use.

Power: The hydrostatic drive allows precise maneuvering in challenging environments. The rear-wheel drive ensures high tractive force and maximum traction.

Chassis: The large wheels and the wide tracks optimally adapt to the ground and offer stability and smooth ride.