The PowerBully® 5T is the track carrier for quick transport to your job site. With the Cummins engine, reinforced chassis and a digger derrick, the versatile PowerBully® 5T can make swift work of power pole replacement.

  • Legal width for ease of transport
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Low ground pressure
  • Urethane track options

Solid partner durable and reliable

All high-quality components – the chassis, tracks, suspension, drive, hydraulics, electronics and cab – work together as a coordinated unit. You never have to worry about operating and maintenance costs.


Transport friendly load and go

Legal road width saves time in getting out to the job site from the equipment yard. No need for wide load or overweight permits.


Versatility in application you have the choice

Be it digger derrick, man lift, dump body or crane; a strong, solid chassis and platform deck accommodate your tool of choice with high performance hydraulics to power them.


A light footprint high mobility

Low ground pressure ensure minimal impact when traveling across soft terrain. The hydrostatic transmission with independent track control lets you maneuver in tight corners or turn in place.


Track options flexibility for varied conditions

Boulder strewn fields, swampland, sandy hills and pavement or concrete present different challenges. PowerBully® has tracks with different style track bars and widths to meet these demands.