The SMI® Kid Wizzard Snowmaker is designed for maximum performance in marginal temperatures and high humidity. The Kid Wizzard was developed to meet the need for a small, light-weight, portable fan snowmaker.

The Kid Wizzard is designed to have good production in marginal conditions along with an aggressive price.

The Kid Wizzard utilizes three rings of 45 nozzles each to convert water into snow. These 135 heated nozzles are nucleated with a detachable periphery ring. SMI’s unique nucleator ring is fed by a 5 hp on-board compressor to provide constant mixing at each nucleator nozzle. Water adjustment is easy with three heated 3-way self-draining ball valves. SMI’s patented fan technology is used to project the snow.

The Kid Wizzard chassis is galvanized and has two wheels and a tow bar. Snowcat blade lifting brackets are included for quick transport of the Kid Wizzard.

The Kid Wizzard is easy to use, easy to maintain, energy efficient, quiet and an excellent value.