The SMI® PoleCat series was built for simple operation and low maintenance, and is the best option when using a non-potable or unfiltered water supply. The SMI® Silent PoleCat is a simple nozzle fan snowmaker with dampened noise levels yet still delivers excellent snow production for a range of weather conditions expected from the PoleCat technology.

The Silent PoleCat is perfect for snowmaking in areas sensitive to noise from traditional snowmaking systems. Offered in a variety of custom tower and carriage mounts, the Silent PoleCat Snowmaker can be powered by a 4 kW vane compressor, or by hill air feed.

Available in manual or automatic mode, the Silent PoleCat uses a 15 hp (11 kW) fan and 18 spray nozzles that are customized to achieve water flows to suit specific climates. Nucleated with a central six-jet nozzle, water flow is easily controlled by three heated, self-draining valves. The Silent PoleCat is reliable and simple to operate and maintain—an excellent all-around performer for virtually any snowmaking conditions.

Silent PoleCat Noise Levels dB(A)

10 mts. 71, 20 mts 62dBand 50 mts 54.

10 mts. 68, 20 mts 63, and 50 mts 53.

10 mts. 66, 20 mts 60, and 50 mts 51.