The SMI® Kid Polecat has the following features:

  • Lower plume height and shorter throw for shorter drift distance of droplets and to allow longer operation in swirling or constantly changing winds
  • Teflon spiral nozzles to reduce fouling or clogging
  • Mobile unit allows easy repositioning to take advantage of wind direction and speed changes

The SMI® Kid Polecat Evaporator provides many advantages vs. competitive products:

Mobility: The SMI® Kid Polecat Evaporator is designed to easily move around your site. This allows one operator to reposition the unit to take advantage of wind direction and speed changes.

Smaller Footprint: The SMI® Kid Polecat Evaporator is designed to throw water droplets about 100 feet (30 meters) in calm conditions. This allows control of wet droplet drift within a smaller area and provides customers with an evaporator that can be used where larger machines cannot.

Excellent Performance: The high air velocity created from SMI’s unique fan and barrel design combined with optimized water droplets from our nozzles accelerates evaporation of water. Average annual evaporation rates up to 75% have been achieved with average rates typically between 25 and 65%, depending upon many factors such as ambient temperature, relative humidity, water make up and wind conditions. In general, the warmer and drier the conditions, the higher the evaporation rates achieved.

Easy Maintenance: The machine is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Fan motor is designed for long life in wet conditions. Pre-lubricated, sealed bearings eliminate need for weekly or monthly lubricating.

Extreme Duty: The SMI® Kid Polecat Evaporator design has evolved from 20 years experience in industrial and extreme outdoor applications. Critical components are constructed of stainless steel for extended life in harsh environmental conditions.