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The SMI® Mega PoleCat Evaporator is the big throw machine (over 350 feet/105 meters) that will evaporate water over large areas and in big volumes.

The Mega PoleCat is mounted on a forkable galvanized skid with 60 HP fan (45 Kw), electric head jack, turntable bearing with menu driven user defined 359 degree oscillation, optional on-board booster pump, control panel with PLC and touch screen display.


Excellent Performance: Your Mega PoleCat can be customized for your site and weather conditions. Typical evaporation rates are between 20% and 80% of throughput water. With suggested water flows of 90 gpm (390 lpm) to 130 gpm (500 lpm) typical. We can customize the nozzle sizes, flow rates and particle sizes for your water and site conditions to maximize effectiveness. Actual water flows through the Mega are dependent on your site and pumping equipment. Evaporation rates vary and depend on many factors such as water chemistry, temperature, humidity, wind, water temperature and others.

Easy Maintenance: The Mega PoleCat is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. The fan motor has been developed for long life in wet conditions, and the pre-lubricated, sealed bearings eliminate the need for weekly or monthly lubricating.

Extreme Duty: The Mega PoleCat Evaporator design has evolved from over 40 years of experience in industrial and extreme outdoor applications. Critical components are manufactured with galvanized steel and stainless steel for extended life in harsh environments.


Flexible flow rates: Nozzles, water pressure and flow rates can be configured to best achieve maximum evaporation efficiencies for your needs.

Menu driven 359º oscillation: User definable menu allows increased evaporation efficiencies by allowing the machine to oscillate back and forth across a defined arc of motion. Just set the start and stop points on the touch screen display. This same display allows you to easily rotate the unit automatically to adjust to varying wind conditions.

There is also a manual horizontal adjust lever to allow horizontal machine pivoting without power to quickly adjust the machine position by hand.

Electric head jack: The push button easy to use fan vertical adjust jack allows maximum flexibility to achieve the throw desired by simply raising and lowering the head.