SMI’s 420B is mounted on a boom, platform and base which raises and lowers, and can be aimed at differing horizontal and vertical angles. Constructed with galvanized steel, the 420B has a stainless steel coated, easy to use jack, and a stable, free standing concrete counterweight system. Stainless steel fasteners and safety chain are standard. A customized material construction is available upon request.

The SMI® 420B Evaporator has the following features and benefits:

High Performance: A high speed fan blade rotating at 3600 rpm creates an optimum water droplet distribution for evaporation. Average annual evaporation rates up to 70% have been achieved with rates typically between 25 and 60%, depending upon factors such as ambient temperature, relative humidity, water make up and wind conditions. In general, the warmer and drier the conditions, the higher the evaporation rates achieved.

Low Pressure: the SMI® 420B Evaporator operates successfully between 20 and 120 psi water pressure. This translates into big savings on pumps and piping as high pressure systems are not required.

Easy Maintenance: the machine is easy to clean and maintain by design. There is no weekly greasing of bearings.

Large Orifice Size: the SMI® 420B Evaporator can pass particles up to 3/16″ (5 mm) in diameter. This eliminates the need for pre-filtering, filter cleaning and the hassles of clogged nozzles.

Simple Operation: the SMI® 420B Evaporator can be operated in the vertical upright or angled over the pond by manually lowering or raising the boom. The machine can be operated in any wind condition as it is not sensitive to blowback.

Extreme Duty: the SMI® 420B Evaporator design has evolved from 20 years’ experience in industrial and extreme outdoor applications. The machine can be used year round between -20°F and 140°F (-28°C and 60°C). In freezing conditions, the benefits of the freeze crystallization process are also realized.

Options: for acidic or high alkaline water applications, SMI® offers an upgraded version with acid resistant coating on the boom, platform and base frame. Alternatively, the boom can be produced with stainless steel.