Airport snow plough

The MS series snow ploughs have been specifically developed for the fast and residue-free removal of snow from airport runways, taxiways and airfield aprons. Its innovative obstacle override system enables it to easily overcome surface obstacles, such as concrete irregularities or ground lights.

The design

The MS snow ploughs are special multi-blade snow ploughs with high or low blade levels which are based on the successful TARRON snow plough series. Each blade is 800 mm wide and this makes the ploughs easily adaptable to the surface needing to be cleared. Depending on the cutting edge length, which ranges from 4,800 mm to 8,000 mm, the MS snow ploughs comprise of six to ten blades, each of them fitted with a special Vulkollan clearing edge. In the reduced blade height option, each MS series snow plough is 220 mm lower to the left, middle and right. The shape of the clearing blade has been designed for ejecting the snow far away even at low feeding rate; the setting angle is 45°. This makes the MS suitable for clearing in formation. An optional fine finish blade removes any remaining snow and reduces the need for de-icing agents.

Residue-free snow clearing

Furthermore, the MS snow ploughs with low blade height can be equipped with an ejection lock. This prevents the undesirable deposition of snow in sensitive areas of airfield aprons. The two hydraulically driven and steplessly adjustable segments can be operated separately or simultaneously. High degree of visibility is ensured also when the ejection lock is folded up. The full sealing between the plough blade and the ejection lock guarantees residue-free clearing.

High degree of manoeuvrability

The MS 72.1 and 80.1 snow ploughs are also available with folding outer blades (MS 72.1 K and 80.1 K), which reduces the passage width to 4,560 mm and 4,860 mm, respectively. This increases the manoeuvrability and allows it to reach its destination without difficulty. Due to the automatic blade position control, the operator is provided the additional guarantee of avoiding operating errors during clearing.

High-quality clearing

The special MS series snow ploughs are designed for high-quality clearing. Each blade is held in position by two reinforced springs and the outer blade segments even have three springs. The blade segments are 800 mm wide. This means that only a low level of mass acceleration occurs when driving over obstacles. As a result of this, neither the snow plough nor the obstacles suffer any damage.

Safe operation

The precise parallel lifting mechanism for raising and lowering as well as swivelling the MS snow plough not only achieves a considerable ground clearance while in transport but also allows for tension-free swivelling and a short front end. The hydraulic empty drive element additionally increases the manoeuvrability.