Airport Sprayer

The ASPT is above all ideal for use on the complete airside infrastructure at small airports. The machine delivers de-icer liquid in a very precisely defined dosage via spray nozzles. The trailer-mounted spraying machine can simply be driven from any locally available tractor.

Construction and technology

The ASPT consists of three components: The vehicle body with a polyethylene liquid-carrying tank and the drive unit, two sidemounted spraying arms equipped with special spray nozzles and a rear-mounted spraying bar with spraying nozzles. The high-quality air injector nozzles are arranged in a single line. The spraying arms can simply be extended manually. The whole of the machine is coated with a specially developed anticorrosive protection. All spraying pipes are made of stainless steel.


The ASPT can be used both in conducting anti-icing and de-icing and has a fixed working speed. When the spraying arms are extended, a spraying width of 15 metres is achieved. The application of the deicing liquid is carried out with high precision and in the form of a dense spray. The Schmidt proprietary low pressure pumping system with its air-injector nozzles permits a low spraying pressure to be used. Additionally, the spraying nozzles are mounted just 500 millimetres above the ground and produce large droplets. Hence swirling is reduced to a minimum. Thanks to the closely positioned nozzles, overlapping spray patterns are produced. The spray density is adjustable using a lever on the spraying machine.

The benefits of the ASPT sprayer

  • Functional and reliable concept.
  • Immediately ready for use without major preparation work.
  • Reliable, easy to operate spraying system.
  • Spraying with high precision and high density.