Our high-performance machines – now with optimised drive and more convenience in new design

Schmidt snow cutter blower 5002: power pack to rely on in any situation
The snow cutter Supra 5002 with a clearing capacity of up to 5.000 t/h is a machine of the latest generation. Like their predecessors, it is designed to take on the full range of snow removal tasks on runways, taxiways and ramps and have now been enhanced with important features and a new design. In addition to ergonomic improvements, the high-performance snow blower stand out with its articulated frame steering and intelligent power drive transmission that ensures a consistent clearing capacity even when cornering.

Maximum performance in any amount of snow – while still protecting the environment

The clearing head of the Supra 5002 is powered mechanically via a two-speed gearbox. The powerful dual-block snow clearing unit incorporating a cutter drum and a downstream blower wheel enables maximum snow ejection ranges.

The machine has an impressive fuel tank capacity of 530 l, allowing for up to 8 hours of uninterrupted operation. Optionally, it is possible to switch between wheels and crawler tracks. The Supra 5002 is powered by an 8-cylinder engine, with a performance capacity of 420 kW (571 HP) at 1.800 rpm. Despite these powerful parameters, the engine deliver an environmentally friendly performance according to European emission standard Euromot IIIB – operating with great fuel efficiency and at a low noise level (eco-transport and eco-operating gear).

Intelligent technology, efficient results: Full power even when cornering

The chassis is equipped with a flexible articulated frame steering permitting a steering angle of up to 35°. In any manoeuvre, maximum feeding power is thereby always transmitted in the clearing head’s direction of travel. Combined with precise vehicle guidance following the path of the clearing head, it is even possible to clear tight corners in hard snow! During operations, infinite speed adjustment is performed via a variable pump and variable engine: This permits a steady rotational speed of the drive engine, preventing any potential drops in performance. An improved and simplified hydraulic system in both vehicles facilitates steering.

Precise and speedy snow removal – with ejection distances of up to 40 m

The Schmidt Supra 5002 accurately throw the removed snow up to 40 metres to the left or right. Thanks to their individually adjustable chutes and hydraulically operated blower housings, the ejection distance can be adjusted in two steps from minimum to maximum even under full load. The Supra 5002 achieve an operating speed of up to 40 km/h. If, for example, snow contaminated with de-icing material needs to be transported, it is also possible to load lorries in quick succession – a height-adjustable operator’s cabin always provides a clear view.

Cutting-edge and convenient work environments that offer a high degree of safety – and are a pleasure to use

We have also greatly improved the vehicles in terms of operational convenience. This includes a logical and ergonomic design of functional components featuring a TFT colour display, a central control panel for single-handed operation of the clearing head, excellent all-round visibility, a windscreen with negative inclination to prevent accumulation of snow and a 2-seat driver’s cab that absorbs vibrations and noise. Additionally, there are details such as electrically heated windscreen and side windows, heated wing mirrors, right-hand drive, spring-suspension seats that are adjustable to several positions and much more.