VKS-H Airport Sweeper

The VKS-H was developed for sweeping airport aprons and runways. Robustly built, the mountable sweeper can be used at airports all year round and reliably clears the airport service areas of coarse debris.

Construction and Technology

The VKS-H has an open front construction to provide enough space for the debris removal. This enables the sweeper to operate at its full capacity. The length of the roller brush is 3,400 mm. Designed as an extremely robust sweeper, the VKS-H has a central support frame made of torsion-resistant square tube and is also fitted with a self-supporting brush reel. Height adjustable pneumatic castor wheels ensure the correct individual brush ground pressure. Care was taken during development to make sure that the VKS-H was able to cope with heavy loads and suitable for difficult sweeping conditions. The sweeper can be front-mounted on medium, as well as, heavy carrier vehicles. This makes it ideally suited to the airport sweeper AS 990, for example. With its selection of brushes, the VKS-H can also be used in winter. The special brush roller for snow enables it to clear light snow-covered surfaces of up to 4 cm.

In Operation

The VKS-H is able to clear large areas and even coarse dirt, easily and quickly, with its high-quality polypropylene or crimped wire brushes. A liftable dirt collection flap with an extra sweeping sheet prevent coarse or light debris from uncontrollably flying off, even at high performance speeds. A water spraying unit on the rotary brush has nine spray nozzles and guarantees dust suppression while sweeping. The required water is pumped from the water tank on the carrier vehicle. Surface area clearing is done at a 32° angle and with a sweeping width of 3,000 mm. The swivel mechanism enables the infinite adjustment of the rotary brush from 0° to 32° (left and right) during operation. The integrated lifting system provides additional operational ease. The VKS-H is powered by the vehicle’s hydraulics.