We actively engaged our customers in the run-up to the development of the new BeachTech 2500. During implementation, we deliberately focused on the core values. The result is a powerful beach cleaner that is perfectly geared to the needs of our customers. One highlight is the patented, innovative composite screening belt: thanks to additional drive belts and cross bars, it has a higher run time and a corresponding longer service life. Thanks to the innovative design, the screening belt is not subject to elongation and therefore no longer needs to be shortened.

Patented composite screening belt
Is not subject to elongation, therefore no shortening is necessary. Increased service life and low service intensity

Efficient beach cleaning
Thanks to the working width of 2.50 m and the large collection hopper, the BeachTech 2500 achieves an area coverage of up to 30,000 m² per hour

Easy operation
The pickup blade, the collection hopper and the finisher can be easily adjusted via the remote control