Dream beaches are clean beaches: For relaxation, sunbathing, dreaming and games for the children. Always as though they were the first to discover them. With the BeachTech beachcleaners every day like new.

Due to its articulated steering and the additional rear wheel steering, the two-seater BeachTech MARINA brings new standards of agility and maneuverability to the beach. With a turning radius of 4.1 meters (max.), it can work without any problems on hard-to-reach corners or sections. The narrow, low and compact dimensions and the special design make it easy to pass through small entrance ways and past any obstacle (sun shades etc.)

The 42 hp 4 cylinder Turbo diesel engine, the hydrostatic all-wheel-drive, the differential lock and low pressure tires guarantee that this BeachTech can go anywhere.

The width of the vehicle is variable with an actual cleaning width of 1,400mm. So the maximum cleaning efficiency can be 15,000m2/h. The BeachTech MARINA is road worthy and thus can be easily moved from one beach to another.

Mode of operation

The tried and tested principle of the individually adjustable raking, screening and mixed technique generates optimal cleaning results, which are further improved in the BeachTech MARINA by using a long screening belt. The proven system of vibrating central rollers assures the most thorough deep cleaning in dry sand, as well as quick cleaning in wet sand. The newly designed geometric central rollers make only the screening belt oscillate and not the frame. A double lift per rotation increases the screening efficiency. The central rollers are driven by the movement of the screening belt only and not by V-belts. This makes the maintenance of the screening unit much easier. This technique allows the BeachTech MARINA to pick up even the tiniest waste particles such as cigarette stubs, pieces of broken glass, etc.

Agile and sturdy overall structure

The durability of the BeachTech MARINA is supported through tried and tested components. This vehicle is particularly sturdy and easy to operate due to its very low center of gravity. The frame and parts are hot-dip galvanized to prevent corrosion caused by salt water.


Standard equipment of the BeachTech MARINA is the open 2-seater cabin with a sun top. A closed cabin is available as an option. It can even be used to take passengers from one place to another. The size of the collecting hopper is 0.5 m3. There is also a loading deck of 1.4 x 1.0 m on which any kind of material can be transported.
The discharging height 1.6 m makes it easy to empty the collecting hopper into containers. New to this model is the hydraulically adjustable and self-steering finisher, which follows the cleaned area even when negotiating tight turns. This also makes it easier to back up.

The multifunctional design of the vehicle as a two-seater with 4-wheel drive makes the BeachTech MARINA an all-purpose vehicle: cleaning, pulling, pushing, loading and transporting – no problem!

A variety of front-end implements can be attached to the 3-point front hitch, available as an option. This will quickly change the beach cleaner into a sweeper, a lawn mower or a snow plow in winter.