The perfect tool for heavenly beaches

When perfection in beach maintenance is required, the BeachTech 3000 need fear no competition. It fulfills all the technical, ecological and economic demands required of a reliable beach-cleaning vehicle. Its patented two-belt screen system cleans thoroughly and achieves maximum collection volumes. With its reliable and uncomplicated one-person operation, it is the most efficient and therefore the most economical solution for all beach cleaning tasks.
Thanks to a working width of 2,500 mm, exceptional processed areas of up to 30,000 sq. meters an hour can be achieved on dry sand. Even on a moist surface, the BeachTech 3000 manages a respectable 15,000 sq. meters an hour. The surface cleaning capacity is increased by the possibility of combining sieve and raking techniques in a non-stop operation, while the towing power needed and therefore the fuel consumption are further reduced.
The large volume of the collector bin at the vehicle’s rear is 0.7 cubic meters, that of the dumper 4 cubic meters. The BeachTech 3000 thus has a loading capacity that makes trips to the dump in between operations unnecessary, even when covering large areas.
High efficiency results from the efficient combination of screen (sieve) and raking techniques in non-stop operation. By means of strong vibration of the conveyor screens, sand and particles of dirt are hygienically separated. The BeachTech 3000 thus offers exceptional cleaning performance with every type of sand, whether dry or moist, badly or lightly contaminated and whether operating on gravel, mussels or seaweed. According to the nature of the operation, we supply screen conveyors with differing mesh widths.
Precise maneuverability on every type of ground surface is a further point to the BeachTech 3000’s favor. The raking, sieving and mixing level can be set in one operation down to a depth of 20 cm and carefully monitored. All operating procedures can be effortlessly controlled from the tractor’s driving seat. Connecting and using the remote control are simplicity itself.

Exceptional low running noise is an absolute priority when working near hotels in the early morning or evening. This problem is dealt with in the BeachTech 3000 by the two-belt screen system, rubber mountings and hydraulic drive.
The robust overall design stands up easily to the demands placed on it by the effects of salt water and humid air. The well-proven structural components are hot-dip galvanized to protect them against corrosion and weatherproofed with two-component acrylic paint.
The BeachTech can be fitted with sensor wheels, which ensure constant depth control and the pick-up of material to be cleaned on very uneven terrain. Instead of a pick-up roller with spring tines, a roller with brushes can be fitted for rough surfaces such as gravel or grass.
The minimum servicing requirements have an equally positive effect on the cost of beach cleaning. The secure supply of spare parts and reliable service are among the traditional strengths of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG.