The new BeachTech 5500 is the perfect solution for your beach. Due to its special 3-wheel design, it is particularly maneuverable. Combined with the wide working width (1,524 mm) and the resulting wide area coverage, this beach cleaner is unsurpassed in efficiency. Added to this is the large hopper with a loaded capacity of 1.5 m³. Clean your beach in even less time and save money!

The beach cleaner meets all the criteria for road approval and can therefore easily be used for several beaches (“beach hopping”)

Maneuverability: The 3-wheel design allows for a 0° turning radius, making it perfect for narrow driveways or maneuvering around beach furniture

Large collecting hopper: The extra-large hopper has a loading volume of 1.5 m³ – this means less frequent unloading with subsequent time savings

High area coverage: Thanks to its working width and the high capacity hopper, the beach cleaner covers a big area in a short time

Rely on the BeachTech 5500 for professional beach cleaning!

The BeachTech 5500 can continuously lower the pick-up blade into the sand to a depth of up to 15 cm. The sand is picked up and guided upwards via a galvanized loading belts. The cleaned sand falls back through the oscillating screen onto the ground, while the picked-up material moves into the collection hopper. In the process, even the smallest particles of litter, such as cigarette butts, bottle caps or broken glass to plastic bottles, cans or stones are reliably removed from the beach – making it a safe place for your guests.