Schmidt De-mountable spreader

The Schmidt Galeox is exactly the right choice for those that are looking for a robust and simply designed de-mountable spreader: the high-quality Galeox uses the tried and tested Stratos II components from Schmidt and offers a first-class cost-benefit ratio despite its simplified functionality! The de-mountable spreader from Schmidt is specially adapted to suit tipper systems and allows for brine tanks loaded at maximum deposit weight (also available with demount legs). The pre-wetting system complies with EN-15597-1 (30 per cent volume content of the hopper). The spreading pattern adjustment is made through the adjustment of the point of impact. Thanks to the hopper volume of up to 7 m³ (conveyor belt) or 8 m³ (auger), the Schmidt Galeox is perfectly suited to spreading in both urban and rural areas – it offers efficient de-icing on country roads, traffic routes in towns and cities, car parks, factory yards and private land. The spreader is designed for mounting onto lorries with two or three axes. It is driven via the vehicle hydraulics or, if desired, using laterally mounted (!) motor systems.

Whether using the conveyor belt system or auger system, the robust Schmidt Galeox offers the perfect equipment for every requirement in winter maintenance.

With the de-mountable spreader, you can choose between a low cost conveyor belt or an auger for your dosing system. The belt drive system ensures a high degree of dosing accuracy, even when you are only using small amounts of gritting materials. Here, a v-shaped, endlessly shaped conveyor belt runs on a guide plate, leaving no bearing marks in the hopper. The driver roller is low-maintenance. In addition, there is an integrated patented lump crusher. The other option, the auger system, is driven by a hydraulic motor.
The distribution system, which is made entirely of stainless steel, can be folded out using gas pressure springs. The spreader has an open stainless steel chute with height adjustment. Asymmetrical spreading can be set by swivelling the lower end of the chute. A spreading disc measuring 490 mm Ø is used, achieving spreading of 3 – 10 m (dry or pre-wet). The relevant spreading width depends on the material and the circumstances.

Another option for even more operational flexibility: pre-wetting equipment.

Also want to apply pre-wet with the Schmidt Galeox? That’s no problem: you have the option of polyethylene lateral brine tanks with level indicator. The pre-wetting system complies with EN-15597-1 (30 per cent volume content of the hopper). When switching on the brine (FS 30), the dry material is automatically reduced. A rear-side Storz C connection is available for filling and emptying the brine tanks. The hydraulic brine pump (gear pump 100 l/min) with running dry protection works at an automatically reduced speed when the prewet setting is switched on. The system achieves a high level of accuracy thanks to an integrated sensor for speed reporting, and there is an integrated central brine tank ventilation.

A Galeox has many solid qualities, from the material, to safety to user comfort!

The Schmidt Galeox is very stable; the mounting frame and tail are integrated into the hopper. The robust spreader, which has our tried and tested Stratos II components as its base, has been optimised to suit tipper systems. Wherever technically possible, either stainless steel (chute, spreading disc) or polyethylene (spreading disccover, tanks) has been used. The hopper itself is made of steel (conveyor belt system) or stainless steel (auger system). The hopper surface is blasted and powder-coated. The spreader has a lockable compartment, which is also corrosion-protected and is water pressure resistant (IP 55).
The hydraulic unit in sandwich form avoids piping and is mounted as one piece. Proportional valves with emergency hand operation, an integrated pressure limiting valve (250 bar), a galvanised steel salt screen and an anti-slip cushion between the frame and the tipper assembly ensure your safety. Digital road speed related CX control is used, guaranteeing a high level of dosing accuracy. The operating unit has easy-to-grip twist knobs with click grids and lit push buttons; all parts are waterproof and very durable.
The Schmidt Galeox de-mountable spreader offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio. Please contact us for more information: we look forward to hearing from you.