Schmidt attachable and de-mountable spreader

We have developed a new attachable and de-mountable spreader that focuses on meeting the requirements of longevity and maximum economy: our innovative Syntos is the world’s first polyethylene prewetting spreader in the professional sector. The Syntos is designed for spreading in towns and cities and showcases its efficiency on all roads for vehicles and bicycles, car parks, business premises and private land.

The Schmidt Syntos spreader: simply essential for those that want to achieve the maximum level of economy!

The exceptionally resistant Syntos spreader from Schmidt is a first-class quality product which is just as robust as metal models in every respect. Polyethylene isn’t just corrosion-free but also considerably cheaper over the device’s lifetime. Like our other spreaders, the Syntos features a high degree of dosing accuracy and a very even spreading pattern. The range is suitable for mounting on loading platforms, pick-up trucks or narrow track utility vehicles as well as for trailer vehicles (small vehicles, tractors, passenger vehicles with all-wheel drive). Drive is provided by vehicle hydraulics, Schmidt’s “Rotopower” or a petrol motor.

The Syntos isn’t just made of polyethylene: it’s also “perfectly formed”

The main part that is made of polyethylene is the easy-to-clean hopper; the chute and spreading disk are made of stainless steel. Together this combination of materials offers perfect corrosion protection. The Syntos uses our tried and tested Schmidt Stratos II components as a basis but is characterised by improved geometry and a lower centre of gravity. The brine tank integrated in the hopper also contributes to this.
Operation takes place via road speed related CX control, which is very ergonomic thanks to easy-to-grip twist knobs, click grids and lit push buttons. We also offer digital road speed related CL control with a large and very visible graphic display. In addition, the ThermoLogic and AutoLogic systems as well as our innovative spreading data collection can be integrated.

The basic equipment on our de-mountable and trailer spreaders – both with 0.8 – 1.7 m³ content

Both easy-to-clean polyethylene spreaders have a low hopper design. An automatic safety stop is activated when folding out the spreading disk. The mounting frame and tail are blasted and powder coated for protection against corrosion. The lockable compartment has a cover and is water pressure-tight. The sandwich construction of the hydraulic unit avoids impractical piping.

The Schmidt Syntos doses simply and systematically

In the case of de-mountable spreaders, you can choose between conveyor belt and auger systems; in the case of trailer spreaders, dosing only takes place by means of a conveyor belt. The cassette system with conveyer belt ensures a high level of dosing accuracy with low spreading material consumption. Here, a v-shaped, endlessly profiled conveyor belt runs on a guide plate, leaving no bearing marks in the hopper. The driver roller is low-maintenance. In addition, there is an integrated patented lump crusher. The other option, the auger system, is available up to 1.7 m³ and is driven by a hydraulic motor.

Integrated into both spreaders: salt pre-wetting equipment

The spreader is equipped with an integrated all-round brine tank with a liquid level indicator. When switching on the brine (FS 30), the dry material is automatically reduced. A rear-side Storz C connection is available for filling and emptying the brine tank. The brine pump (gear pump 100 l/min) with running dry protection works at an automatically reduced speed when the wet salt setting is switched on. The system achieves a high level of accuracy thanks to an integrated sensor for speed reporting.