Towed sweeping & spraying unit

The innovative Schmidt TSS is the perfect solution when it comes to de-icing narrow streets, car parks and cycle tracks. The towed sweeping and spraying unit delivers a combination of curative and preventive ploughing, sweeping and spraying operations in a single pass. Snow clearance and rapid deicing are done in one single operation, reducing the time needed for clearing and spreading. The combination of snow plough and brush allows for even more precise clearing operations. Furthermore, the spraying unit guarantees an even distribution of the spraying material and thus an immediate effect.

The TSS consists of a trailer with a sweeping and a spraying unit and can be attached to the tractor by means of a standard 2-point lifting device. The newly developed VKS highspeed cross brush is technically designed for a speed of up to 40 km/h. It is guided via a parallel lifting device and can be hydraulically lifted, lowered and swivelled. Two different brush widths are available: 1,800 and 2,400 mm.

The spraying unit is suitable for use with all common de-icing agents. The PE liquid tank with 2,500 l capacity permits a large operational radius. The sturdy spraying hose with single or double nozzle row as well as ejection nozzles to extend the spraying width is supplied by a fluid membrane pump.

The brush and the sprayer are powered via the tractor’s PTO shaft. The plough and the brush are operated via the tractor’s hydraulic system. The sprayer is operated path-dependently via the CL control panel in the driver’s cab.