Flat silo and dual chamber spreaders

Due to their low design, the Stratos flat silo and dual chamber mountable spreaders are perfectly suitable for de-icing operations in mountain regions. The low centre of gravity allows for a high degree of manoeuvrability, which is especially advantageous on difficult roads.

A plus for road safety

The small product line, ranging from 1.1 to 1.7 m3, has been specifically developed to be fitted on narrow-gauge vehicles. Due to the especially low design, the driver is provided with a perfect rear view. Furthermore, the low centre of gravity has a positive effect on the drivability of the vehicle-machine combination: both features are a plus for road safety.

The dosage is what matters

Road safety is guaranteed by highly precise dosage and dynamic spreading patterns. Depending on the weather, the Stratos F can spread de-icing materials such as grit or dry salt from the hopper. The dual chamber silo system of the Stratos D offers the possibility of spreading different de-icing materials from two separate chambers simultaneously, in changing mixture ratios or separately. The two augers operate separately and are directly controllable, providing flexible spreading of thawing, abrasive or mixed de-icing materials.

Precise control

The selective application of de-icing agents on road surfaces not only increases traffic safety but also contributes to environmental protection. In each situation, only the exact amount of de-icing material required is spread.
The Stratos flat silo mountable spreaders are controlled by the compact CX or CL control panel. Simple programming and ergonomic control knobs for the most important functions ensure that the driver can concentrate on traffic and road conditions.
The Stratos dual chamber mountable spreaders are controlled by the remote CL control panel. It can be integrated with Thermologic, Autologic and spreading data collection.

High-quality materials

Great importance was placed on high-quality materials and corrosion protection for the small Stratos F & D product line. Top-quality plastic and stainless steel parts ensure a long service life. The mountable spreader is also powder coated. This modern conservation method results in a smooth, scratch-resistant surface which is also chemically and UV-resistant.