Schmidt Combination machine – spreading and spraying (WSP and RSP)

The combination of spreading and preventive spraying is a very effective process whereby the use of brine considerably reduces the use of salt and the effectiveness of the vehicle’s deployment considerably increases. No wonder, then, that this economically interesting process is becoming ever more popular whilst the requirements and wishes of our customers become more and more different. In our new Schmidt Stratos Combi Soliqplus, we have optimised both types, “WSP” and “RSP”, in many aspects, meaning that their use is now even more efficient, safe and comfortable.

Maximum de-icing and ice prevention with big savings potential!

With both varieties of the Schmidt Stratos Combi Soliqplus, it is possible to bring together abrasive de-icing agents, dry salt, wet salt and brine in one single device. Particularly in the case of brine spraying in preventive winter maintenance (at temperatures of up to -6 degrees), considerable salt savings can be made, also helping protect the environment. In addition, a very precise spreading pattern is achieved, meaning that applying gritting materials is no problem even at high speeds. The efficient Schmidt Stratos Combi Soliqplus, which is made of high-quality, corrosion-free materials, is particularly suited for use outside of towns and cities and on motorways.

The Schmidt Stratos Combi Soliqplus “WSP”: spraying using nozzles with the option to add damp salt – with optional width setting in metres!

The versatile WSP model is a completely overhauled product with a number of optimisations. The new width setting on the spraying nozzles – now available in metres – offers even more comfort of use. The new, fold-out nozzle arm allows up to three lanes (up to 12 m) to be sprayed at the same time – either symmetrically or asymmetrically depending on the desired spraying width. In addition, both dry salt and a damp FS30 mix can be added during spraying: simply change the setting using the operating panel.
In addition to the spraying system, the WSP has a spreading system. The distribution system, which is made entirely from stainless steel, can fold out via gas pressure springs. The WSP has an open, Tefloncoated chute with infinite height adjustment. A premium spreading disk measuring 660 mm Ø is used to achieve 3 – 12 m spreading (dry or wet salt).
The hydraulically driven high-performance brine pumps (1x approx. 300 l/min and 1x approx. 100 l/min) with running dry protection ensure a high level of accuracy thanks to an integrated sensor for speed reporting.

The Schmidt Stratos Combi Soliqplus “RSP”: spraying using a spreading disk – now with optimised hoppers and tanks.

In the case of the RSP model, the combination of spreading and spraying takes place exclusively using the spreading disk. With a spraying width of up to 8 m, the RSP is perfectly suited to spraying on country roads. This spreader can also be used for pre-wet spreading. As with the WSP, much attention has been paid to making maximum use of the width of the vehicle and lowering the hopper – a measure that improves the stability of the vehicle in particular.
Also with this version, the stainless steel distributor system can be folded out using gas pressure springs. The RSP also has an open, Teflon-coated chute with infinite height adjustment. Here a premium spreading disk measuring 490 mm Ø is used: this means you can reach dry or pre-wet spreading distances of 2 – 10 m and spraying distances of 2 – 8 m. The relevant spreading width depends on the material and circumstances. A premium spreading disc measuring 660 mm Ø can also be integrated if desired. The RSP has a manually adjustable valve on the chute for switching between pre-wet spreading and spraying; electrical setting is also available. Whilst spreading, the RSP also allows you to add dry salt.
As with the WSP, the hydraulic high-performance pump (100 l/min, optional 200 l/min) and high level of dosing accuracy are implemented here.

Both versions feature flexible design, space-saving construction and the best possible material quality – and are very comfortable to use.

Depending on the customer’s wishes, both conveyor belt and auger systems are available. Thanks to the modular system used, hopper sizes and tank contents can be optimally adapted to suit your lorry.
The hydraulic unit is installed completely in sandwich form; no pipes are required. Proportional valves with emergency operation by hand and a 250 bar integrated pressure limiting valve ensure added safety.
All of the relevant steel parts have been powder-coated, giving the maximum possible protection against corrosion! Both lateral and front brine tanks are available for applying wet salt and de-icing materials; these are made of polyethylene (PE) and are fitted with a manhole. A liquid level indicator is also integrated.
Both machines use road speed related CL control; the high communication standard is based on CAN OpenBus technology. The ThermoLogic and AutoLogic systems as well as our innovative spreading data collection can also be integrated.