Pre-wetted salt spreading

More and more road administrators, countries and communities are opting for spreading pre-wetted salt. Due to its better adhesion and faster thawing effect, pre-wetted salt provides a larger degree of traffic safety. The lower consumption of salt also allows for savings. Furthermore, the lower amount of salt used and the precise spreading pattern means that less damage is caused to the environment.

Salt solution system P 2000

This dissolving system is characterised by its solid design, simple operation and reliable functioning. It holds approximately 2000 litres of unsaturated solution (20-21%) per batch. The salt solution is prepared quickly and easily. All that you have to do is fill it with 500kgs of salt and 2000 litres of water. After around 20 minutes approximately 2.2m³ of unsaturated solution is ready. Should the solution not be needed immediately or is going to be pumped into a storage tank, the P 2000 can also serve as a buffer. The P 2000 provides robust technology at an attractive price; an ideal starter model.

Salt solution system S 3000

This salt solution system was developed as a ‘plug and play’ solution and was designed to allow for an expansion to include additional module components like, e.g. a fully- automatic, regulated unit or a 5000 litre storage tank. The compact S 3000 continuously produces approx. 2000 litres of unsaturated solution per hour (20- 22%). With coarse salt, 3000 litres per hour is also possible. The salt solution system has a switching function and a connector point for external sources and external filling pumps. The accumulated dirt is efficiently drained off through two sub-valves. The isolated compartment can be filled with a wheel loader. Control panels, pumps, hoses and water inlets are protected against freezing, so the operational readiness of S 3000 is guaranteed.