The medium product line of Stratos de-mountable spreaders

The modular construction system of the Stratos de-mountable spreaders in the medium-sized product line allows a variety of configurations to fit in individually with the different deployment needs and carrier vehicles.

Designed to be multifunctional

The medium-sized STRATOS series is intended for mounting onto Unimog or other medium-sized carrier vehicles. The deployment possibilities are many, stretching from inner-city spreading to de-icing on “A” and “B” roads. The medium-sized STRATOS are available with hoppers ranging from a 1.7 m³ to a 3.0 m³ capacity, and equipped either with the classical auger system or with the reliable conveyor belt system.

Reliable spreading

The medium-sized Stratos series is designed for deployment in spreading de-icing and gritting materials. One of three control systems – CB, CX or CL – allows an exact adaptation to the given situation and the fine-tuned technology makes the Stratos de-mountable spreaders suitable for deployment on most types of road and road surface. The driver can control all the functions, such as the spreading density, pattern and lateral distribution, directly from his cab. He can thus react directly to any change in the conditions on the road surface. Depending on the model chosen, it is even possible to plan routes in advance, including individual spreading patterns or aligning with the data from a centralised spreading control centre.

Full power

The Stratos spreader can be powered by various systems. The simplest solution is the hydraulics on the vehicle which can be used directly. If there is no hydraulic system on the vehicle, Schmidt offers an innovative and efficient alternative with its “Rotopower”, by which the rear axle rotation is taken directly off the hub and therefore utilised without loss of power. Another possibility is the classical wheel drive by which a separate wheel runs along the ground next to the spreading disc, thus providing the power. The medium-sized Stratos models can also be driven by an auxiliary engine or an additional p.t.o. hydraulic pump.

High quality materials

With the Stratos de-mountable spreaders, great importance is placed on the use of topquality materials. The hopper is given a very durable finish in comparison with other methods, with an ultra-modern powder coating. The spreading disc and the entire delivery chute are made of stainless steel and the basic frame is completely galvanised, then, in addition, painted.