Each multi-bladed snow plough of the Cirron series is fitted with a patented deviation system. Especially designed for highly demanding snow clearance, they are particularly suitable for removing large snow masses at medium altitudes.

Robust and Flexible

The Cirron snow ploughs really demonstrate their strengths when used for municipal and motorway clearing. Their flexible blade control enables them to adapt precisely to the road surface. Each blade section is equipped with four prestressed, elastomer spring links which can automatically avoid obstacles and therefore protect the snow plough from damage. At the same time, the plough blades remain in their clearing position. Its box section design makes the individual blades extremely torsion resistant and all the power transfer areas have been reinforced.

Quiet and Ready for Action

Plastic bushing in the slide shoe holder, the elastomer spring links and the parallelogram lifting arm, all contribute to the smooth running and low noise level of the Cirron. The securely welded kerb deflector prevents the plough from scraping against kerbs and edges when clearing inner-city areas.

Operating Advantages

The two swivel cylinders provide increased force for changing sides even during operation. The patented snow plough lifting system enables the tension free lifting and lowering of the plough. The equipment mounting plate is height adjustable, which makes it possible to optimally position the Cirron range on various vehicle mounting plates. The polyurethane snow dust protector is elastic and due to its patented gap covering, prevents the snow slush from forcing its way between the blades. Each of the outer blades can be raised.