Winter service operations at high altitudes very often involve removing wet snow and slush. Instead of heavy, high-performance machinery, such a task requires robust machines that are easy to handle and quick to start up, with as little maintenance as possible and also at low cost. An SNP always offers you the ideal response – the SNP delivers a snow removal performance that is every bit as efficient in urban areas as it is on rural roads.
The SNP lightweight snow plough is available in two variants with a cutting edge length of between 2,700 mm and 3,000 mm. Depending on its size, the SNP is a suitable attachment for estate cars and pickups or even Unimogs and lorries. Connecting and disconnecting the attachment takes only a few minutes.

Simply powerful, indispensable in many ways: Especially in wet snow, a SNP shows what it really can do.
Lightweight and equipped with a plastic blade, the SNP series snow ploughs are designed for clearing operations at high altitudes with low snow levels. These very easy-to-handle snow ploughs are your ideal choice for removing slush and snow residues from roads and paths with maximum efficiency.
The SNP’s self-supporting plough blade is accommodated in a vibration-absorbing steel frame that is both sturdy and elastic, owing to its diagonally braced design. Despite the plough’s lightweight design, this construction is characterised by great power transmission, which is indispensable for removing wet and therefore heavy snow.

With an SNP, you cut down on costs, but not on comfort.

Whether it’s lifting, lowering or swivelling, the SNP offers a great deal of flexibility and is infinitely adjustable thanks to its electrohydraulic system. There is also an integrated floating position that permits the snow plough to smoothly adapt to the ground conditions, even at maximum clearing speeds of up to 40 km/h (large model).
The coordinated geometry of the blade, cutting edge and blade angle ensure optimum snow ejection regardless of the amount and consistency of snow being cleared. Being specifically designed for clearing wet snow, the closed blade form eliminates the need for an additional snow deflector. Moreover, the SNP is equipped with rubber cutting edges, allowing for great noise control. The series features a pressure spring deviation system. This enables the blade to avoid obstacles, protecting the plough from damage. Options include: various implement plates, parking supports with and without wheels, backup markers, welded kerbstone deflectors, additional headlights, plough side-marker lights, warning flags and markers, safety signs and much more.

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