The single-bladed snow ploughs in the FLL construction series are equipped with a spring-loaded override system to prevent damage on contact with obstacles. They can be swivelled either to the left or right.

The multi-purpose snow plough

It is precisely in snow clearing operations involving small to medium-sized amounts of snow in narrow or relatively small spaces such as depots, cycle paths or footpaths or old inner-city streets that the FLL shows its strengths to best advantage. It is easy to operate, has a robust and warp-resistant design and takes obstacles on the ground in its stride.This is because the spring-loaded system with its pre-stressed spring rods allows the obstacles simply to be driven over, the plough blade remaining undamaged in the same unaltered clearing position. Depending on the length, the FLL has 3, 4 or 6 spring-loaded edges.

Easy to operate

The angle of the FLL to the left or right is infinitely variable and can therefore be positioned easily by the operator and, above all, with great precision depending on the demands of each particular location and purpose. The single blade plough is suitable for any type of snow and, due to the curvature of the blade, ejects the snow only a short distance, as is sensible in inner-city areas.

Great operational versatility

The spring-loaded plough was conceived of especially for use with narrow track vehicles but four by fours or pickups can also be equipped with the plough, which is produced in five different sizes. Its low weight of between 195 and 260 kilos with cutting edges of steel make it a real all rounder in the municipality.