The special snow ploughs of the VP range consist of two blade wings and can be used as a wedge, V-form or one-sided snow plough. They are specially designed to clear larger amounts of snow and were specifically developed for the Scandinavian market.

Flexible and Reliable

The strength of the VP wedge snow ploughs lies in their individual flexibility. The wing blades can be infinitely deviated and therefore offer the high level of flexibility needed to achieve maximum clearing capacity. Additionally, the ability to change the blade form broadens the application area. Thus the clearing width of the VP 240 spans from 1 965 mm by lateral removal and up to 2 400 mm by front removal. When clearing in the V or wedge position, the width is 2 150 mm. The VP 400 has a clearing width of 3 275 mm to 4 000 mm, in the wedge form it is 3 580 mm and in the V-form it achieves a width of 3 480 mm.

Stable and Safe

The design and construction of the VP wedge snow ploughs in Swedish high quality steel guarantees high stability. Each blade is equipped with a deviation system which ensures protection against damage when running over surface obstacles. Large hydraulic cylinders with an overload protection device make infinitely adjustable settings possible. The VP series of snow ploughs are specially designed for mounting on wheel loaders and tractors. They come with short braces which enable direct mounting on to the carrier vehicle. This also contributes to the high stability and power distribution. Furthermore, the operator has a better view of the immediate working area.

Optimal Snow Ejection

The VP wedge snow plough’s form is designed in such a way that optimal snow ejection can be achieved regardless of the level of snow. For this reason, the VP snow ploughs are ideal for clearing snow from irregular surfaces such as car parks or narrow streets and small lanes. Pushing the snow together and the selective clearing of road surfaces are just some of the many options available.