The lightweight snow ploughs of the SNK series are equipped with a polymer blade and designed for clearing minor amounts of snow at lower altitudes. They are easy to operate and adept at clearing remaining snow and slush.

Easy and Compact

The SNK series of snow ploughs are specially designed for clearing at low altitudes where the snow is mainly wet and slushy. The self-supporting SNK plough blade is cushioned against vibration in a diagonally braced steel frame. This makes it a lightweight but stable snow plough. The self-contained blade form, which was specifically developed for wet snow clearance, eliminates the need for an additional snow dust protector.

City and Countryside

With its low maintenance and non-corrosive plough blade, the SNK lightweight snow plough efficiently completes its clearing tasks on both inner-city and rural roads. It can be easily and infinitely adjusted to both sides. The coordinated geometry of the blade, the cutter edge and blade angle ensure optimal snow ejection regardless of the consistency or amount of snow being cleared.

Fast and Flexible

The lightweight SNK snow plough comes in variations with cutting edges between 1800 mm and 3000 mm. Depending on the size, it is suitable for mounting on narrow track vehicles, vans and pickups, as well as, on Unimogs and large trucks. The mounting and dismounting can be done in a matter of minutes. The complete SNK range is equipped with a deviation system which is adapted to each size accordingly. The three smaller versions use a telescopic arm and retaining spring to protect the polymer blade from damage caused by surface obstacles. The four largest SNK ploughs are fitted with a spring loaded system.