Snow plough plus lateral snow plough for maximum clearing widths on motorways.

Efficient use on any motorway: thanks to the combination of the ML 51-A snow plough with the CPS 5.3 lateral snow plough, a clearing width of a staggering 6,300 mm is achieved. The plough parts can simply be retracted when the carriageway narrows.

The multi-blade system of the ML 51-A alone guarantees exceptional clearing quality over a width of 4,420 mm. The five blade segments fit perfectly to the profile of the road thanks to individual suspension: even at high speeds this leads to a clean clearing result. Thanks to the maintenance-free deviation system with plough blades controlled by steering arms, obstacles in the road can be driven over safely. For transport as well as in clearing position, the left outer blade can be retracted hydraulically, minimising the width of the vehicle when in motion.

The 3,300 mm wide CPS 5.3 is designed for aggressive clearing. The lateral snow plough can also be retracted hydraulically to make negotiating even tight passages easy. When the ML 51-A and CPS 5.3 are combined and completely extended, the clearing vehicle has a clearing width of 6,300 mm.