Kodiak Northwest’s multi-purpose unit allows one chassis to serve as the prime mover for a push plow, snow blower and runway broom. All of the size options available in the dedicated snow blower and runway sweepers are available in the multi-purpose configuration. Changing from one accessory to another takes a very short period of time and can be accomplished with one or two individuals. The unit can also include an air blast system for the sweeper application.

The following options are available:

  • Carrier Engine Horsepower: 250 hp to 350 hp
  • Auxiliary Engine Horsepower: 400 hp to 600 hp
  • Broom Widths: 12 feet to 22 feet
  • Push Plow Widths: 12 feet to 22 feet
  • Hydrostatic Components: Rexroth, Linde or Sauer-Danfoss
  • Cab Size: 60″ single man, 72″ double man