For ripping up icy and encrusted slopes, renewing lift routes and removing glacier surface ice. The snow cutter can be used with an All-Way-Blade.



The Art of Designing Funparks

The ParkBlade. A further attachment from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG which makes your job easier. The multitalent for creation and maintenance of Funpark and Boardercross. But also for transporting Rails, Funboxes,…


Die Top Solution

Unique. With the new ParkBlade you are extremely flexible. You are working as usual on your ski-runs or on the Funpark. But the ParkBlade can do much more. Via foot switch you activate the additional function. The side wings of the blade are fixed in the current position. Now you can fold via joystick the prongs of the ParkBlade hydraulically. Those are placed directly underneath the snow grate of the ParkBlade and are well visible from the driver’s seat. The ParkBlade is ready. Now you transport any object. Whether obstacles in the Funpark, Funboxes and Rails or objects of transportation, rubbish bins,…

Loads up to 1,000 kg are no problem for the ParkBlade and your PistenBully. In addition, only in extreme cases load-securing straps are necessary to fix the loading.

Another advantage

The ParkBlade has a serrated finisher bar. This enables the driver, to gibe the Funpark-elements like Bankturns, Tables or Jumps a uniform and attractive surface structure in one machining operation when backblading.

The ParkBlade is a standard equipment of the PistenBully 200 Park, the PistenBully 300 Park, the PistenBully 400 Park and the PistenBully 600 Park. Optional it can also be mounted on standard vehicles of the model range PistenBully 200/ 300/ 400 and 600, if the vehicles have been prepared for this.

Snow Bucket


The perfect attachment for transporting snow over short to medium distances on the slope, lift or car park, e.g. for replenishing worn-out spots or for shunting and clearing work.


Funpark specialist

Lightweight construction with new, patented drive system. Excellent view of the working surface, low noise and vibration.


How it works:

The Halfpipe is created at the defined radius by means of scraper, snow transport and snow compacting elements. These elements, which can be easily exchanges, are attached to a chain which is driven by two hydraulic motors and two rubber-lined friction cable pulleys. The running speed of the elements is controlled by potentiometer. If the chain direction is reversed, the jump-off edge is formed by the counterrotating effect. Plastic finishers, which are repositioned manually when the PipeMagician is slewed, are used to finish the snow surface. By tilting the PipeMagician, a Halfpipe for amateurs or professional events can be produced. A standard tilt angle display informs the driver when the desired tilt angle is reached.

Blade Loader

Snow transporter

The perfect attachment for transporting snow over short to medium distances on the slope, lift or car park, e.g. for replenshing worn-out spots or for shunting and clearing work.


Transport Box

Transportbox-pbThe ideal attachment for transporting sensitive materials, such as pieces of luggage, equipment or tools. As the Transportbox is weather and temperature-resistant, goods stay clean and dry whatever the weather. You can close our Transportbox making your equipment 100 % secure. The feet make stabilising simple and you can attach the Transportbox easily to a conventional PistenBully All-Way-Blade with the mounts.