The PistenBully 800 combines experience and technology from recent years. It is the result of years of innovation with one goal in mind: producing the perfect slope.

Massive power – with surprising agility. Enormous pushing performance – at an astonishingly low speed. And this results in extreme efficiency for slope grooming.

This is because when you push a lot more snow and use only a little more fuel to do it, then it is substantially more efficient and produces less CO2. It is clear that we support our customers in their CO2 reduction efforts with the new powerhouse. During vehicle development, we focus on alternative drive concepts and are open to the technological possibilities of the future. The PistenBully 800 is chomping at the bit: When the market is ready for hydrogen technology, it will also be ready with a hydrogen reciprocating engine.


The intelligent winch matches the driving speed to the winch rope speed. If they differ, for example, because of slip, the pulling force is adjusted automatically, so it is gentle on the winch rope.

Active 4.6+ Winch

Automatic steering support for the winch simplifiesM work for the operator – especially under difficult slope conditions.


Power engine

Clean 6-cylinder engine with powerful torque ensures unique thrust.

Longer undercarriage

5 running axles with longer chassis for best smoothness, thrust and climbing performance.

AllWayBlade 5.0m

5.95 meters wide and 1.25 meters high: This makes it the largest blade on the market. For maximum pushing performance, optimum slope edge preparation and best tilling width coverage.

New cab with modern design

From optimized air flow and complete LED illumination to larger storage areas and more headroom – all this and much more makes work more relaxed and ensures a pleasant feeling of space.


Autonomous steering assistance while cornering and automatic countersteering on side slopes simplify work for the operator. The rear implement carrier with smart, active steering assistance makes this possible in both the locked and floating positions.


Smart control of the combined implement carrier. Software enables use as a parallel implement carrier. Ensures ideal ground following of the tiller on hilly terrain and automatically adjusts the tiller depth. SlopeTracer simplifies operation and a large movement radius.

SNOWsat snow depth measurement

The high-precision snow depth measurement helps the operator detect slope areas with small amounts of snow and identify snow reserves – under, in front of and on both sides of the vehicle. This way snow can be pushed with precision and maximum quality can be achieved for the slope structure. Increases productivity while conserving resources and helping to preserve the environment.