Almost like new!

PistenBully 600 Select is THE absolute premium used PistenBully: Qualitatively comparable to a with a new vehicle, but at an unbeatable price. With high quality parts, a completely engine, an update to the latest technical standards and the new vehicle warranty

New tracks on every vehicle

Not only is the engine of the PistenBully 600 Select up to date (overhauled directly at Mercedes) – this also applies to the hydraulic pumps, electronics and planetary gearboxes. And also for the tracks: Every Select is equipped with brand-new tracks! Choice of 5-, 6- or 7-band.

Winch: up-to-date

On request, the PistenBully 600 Select can also be equipped with an active winch.

New AlpinFlex tiller

All Select models are equipped with the latest AlpinFlex tiller. Either the original AlpinFlex premium is repaired (and is thus like new). Vehicles that were still equipped with a MultiFlex tiller, on the other hand will receive a new AlpinFlex tiller.

Like a good red wine: older can also be better!

The sometimes complex technology required to comply with the latest emissions standards was not yet necessary at the time the PistenBully 600 was introduced. That is why all Select machines are currently still at emission level TIER 3A!

SNOWsat ready as standard

If you previously had to decide for or against SNOWsat before the revision, you can now also decide later: All PistenBully 600 Select are now SNOWsat ready by default. Whether sooner or later, whether completely or not at all – SNOWsat is ready and the Select can also be integrated into the SNOWsat fleet at any time.

New vehicle warranty extended

PistenBully 600 Select – like all new PistenBully – have always received the full factory warranty. This offer proves how much we at Kässbohrer stand behind the quality of the “as good as new” model. The PistenBully Select is now optionally available with an extension of the new vehicle warranty to three years. Nothing can really go wrong. Guaranteed!

Reliable price

In the current price list, we have not been able to avoid a price increase for new vehicles. Not so with the PistenBully 600 Select: Here the prices have remained the same as last year!

PistenBully Select: a real alternative even in difficult times!